Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Congrats to R&M Manufacturing - Growing Here in Milton

Today Mayor Nate Bruce and I toured the recently completed 20,000+ sq. ft. expansion at R&M Manufacturing in Milton's Crossroads Business Park. This addition to their existing facility was about a $900,000 project. R&M specializes in precision machining, custom fabrication and assembly.

We met with President Dave Underwood and VP Mark Merk, who filled us in on both their successes and challenges during today's economic down-turn. They are pleased with the recent expansion, which positions them well in competing for major contracts.

The photo above shows Mayor Bruce (center), Dave (right) and Mark standing next to a large cabinet used for massive mining shovels. This particular equipment has been ordered by P&H Mining in Milwaukee which manufactures large excavating equipment. To get some sense for the size of these "shovels", click here. R&M also specializes in smaller equipment, such as the actual "jaws" used in the jaws-of-life hydraulic rescue tool.

It always amazes me to learn about the products that are made right here in Milton that are used globally is so many diverse ways. My congratulations go out to Dave and Mark, and everyone at R&M, for growing here in Milton. To learn more about R&M you may contact Dave Underwood at 608-868-5081.