Monday, March 23, 2009

The Future of Milton's Post Office

Just today we've heard some rumors and chatter up at City Hall about the future of Milton's Post Office. Here's what we know at this point... This morning City staff heard that the employees at the Post Office in Milton received word that consideration is being given to transferring the distribution and sorting function of the office over to the Janesville office.

In order to confirm this information, City Clerk/Treasurer Nancy Zastrow contacted a regional corporate communications official with the USPS in Milwaukee. This official stated that the, "...Postal Service has not made a decision if it will be moving the carriers from Milton to Janesville. We will be analyzing the data and are [in] only preliminary stages. A decision should be made within the next few weeks..." It appears that the "customer service" aspect of the Post Office (buying stamps, sending mail, P.O. boxes, etc.) would remain in Milton in some way, shape or form.

As information is provide to me, I will attempt to keep the public updated on the latest factual information about this possible change.