Thursday, March 12, 2009

Milton Reads 2009 - Check it Out!

This April the City of Milton is joining with other communities in reading To Kill a Mockingbird. We are participating with other cities in a Big Read grant funded by the National Endowment of the Arts to restore reading as a central part of our American culture. Thanks to funding from the NEA and our own Friends of the Milton Public Library group, a variety of events related to this program are being held right here in Milton.

Now, I must admit that my work schedule and family things barely give me the chance to read more than two or three books from cover to cover in any given year. But, I'm going to commit to reading To Kill a Mockingbird as part of this campaign (I did already read it once back in grade school). I better get crackin' too, because Library Director Lisa Brooks and I will be leading a book discussion on April 30th at the Library.

Our Public Library has put together a really unique and fun-filled series of events, including book discussions, a giant kick-off photo shoot, movie showing and dessert evening, and other events. More information is available on the Library's website at The Library staff have also set up their own blog which is tracking Milton Reads 2009 at For more invormation on the the whole "The Big Read" program being coordinated by UW-Whitewater and NEA, visit and

Oh... one other thing. If you don't have a copy of To Kill a Mocking Bird, do not fear. The Milton Public Library has been hoarding copies for months. Stop by to pick up yours ASAP. What??? You say you don't have a library card? Don't worry, the Library has plenty of those too. There is no better time than today to learn about all of the resources at our own Milton Public Library!